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The Windsors Cooperative Apartments


Windsor Apartments, Inc.
Dog Policy

November, 2021

This is a revised Dog Policy. Should you decide to get a new dog, you must contact Harriet Granfield (HarrietG@thewindsors.org) first for a Pre-Application.

Subject to qualifications to be strictly implemented and enforced, the Windsor Apartments, Inc. is a "dog friendly" cooperative and the House Rules shall be amended or supplemented, as the case may be, to reflect that policy. All potential dog owners will be required to fill out Pre-Application For Owning A Dog . If the Pre-Application is approved, contact the Property Manager or the designated Board member for an application for permission to maintain a dog as a pet at the Windsors. The application will need to be submitted for the dog to be considered for registration. It will reflect the criteria delineated by the Board as needing to be satisfied before such application will be granted. The qualifications for the introduction of a dog into the cooperative environment shall include but may not necessarily be limited to the following:

1. Only dogs expected to weigh less than 40 pounds when fully grown shall be allowed to be maintained at the Windsors in conformity with this policy. Verification from a veterinarian may be required. Dogs previously registered will be "grandfathered" in terms of size.

2. There will be a limit of 2 dogs in any household.

3. No dog which is of a known aggressive or large sized breed will be allowed. Such include, but are not necessarily limited to pit bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, Bull Terriers, Bulldogs, Wolf-Dog hybrids, Chow-Chows, Great Danes. The Board of Directors reserves the right to meet the dog before the dog can be registered.

4. All potential owners shall provide proof of the dog's good health, weight, breed and vaccination history. There shall also be required to be provided to the designated Board member, proof of liability insurance which shall specifically schedule coverage of at least $50,000 in the event of a mishap or injuries involving the dog.

5. A small color photograph and a completed Pooch Profile for each dog must be provided to the designated Board member to be filed in the 4705 Management Office.

6. The dog's vaccination and medical records must be updated and proof of same should be submitted to the designated Board member for filing by December 31 of each year.

7. If you are applying to have a Service or Special Needs dog, legal proof must be submitted to the Board that the dog is actually a Service or Special Needs dog. You saying it is not enough.

8. As soon as the Board approves your application, you will be notified and allowed to acquire the dog. It will then be considered to be registered . DO NOT BRING A DOG TO THE WINDSORS BEFORE THE ABOVE IS DONE AND YOU WERE GIVEN PERMISSION TO HOUSE THAT DOG.

9. Anyone found to have a dog living at the Windsors that hasn't been registered will be fined $200 and a monthly fee of $50 for each subsequent month that the dog is living here.

10. Under no circumstances will dog walkers be allowed to bring any dog that isn't a registered Windsor dog into our buildings.

11. No more than 2 Windsor dogs should be on the elevator with the dog walker.

12. FOR SUBLESSEES ONLY: In order for you to be allowed a dog, you must get written permission from the shareholder, from whom you are subletting. They must state that they understand that they will be held accountable if you were to violate the Dog Policy.

13. If you are going to be Dog-Sitting, you must contact the Board before bringing the dog into the Windsors. You will need to provide proof of vaccinations from the dog's veterinarian as well as a color photo of the dog.

14. All potential owners shall sign a written agreement that will commit them to abide by those House Rules pertaining to dogs. Such House Rules will include but will certainly not necessarily be limited to designating those entrances/exits the dogs may use, those parts of the Windsors' premises where dogs will and will not be permitted to be walked, and the owner's responsibilities in the event of accidents or mishaps. Thus, in the event of either failure to clean up after the dog or allowing the dog to be unleashed or any other violation of the House Rules, there will be a $50 fine for the first instance to be posted to the owner's maintenance/rental statement within 45 days. Thereafter, in the event of future such violations, fines will be doubled.

15. All potential owners shall, as a condition to maintain a dog at the Windsors, further agree in writing to be bound by any determination thereafter made by the Board of Directors, based on reasonable cause and reasonable notice, to remove the dog from the premises when, according to 272009.1 of the New York City Pet Law, it has been determined that the "household pet causes damage to the subject premises, creates a nuisance or interferes substantially with the health, safety or welfare of other tenants or occupants of the same or adjacent building or structure". It is understood; however, that such a determination by the Board shall not be made before the dog owner shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard as well as the right to call any appropriate witnesses. The potential dog owner, however, shall agree in writing that the determination by a majority of the Board of Directors shall be final and unassailable.